Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Small homes and apartments provide a lot of charm, but they tend to lack sufficient kitchen space. That explains why most people think that designing cabinets for small kitchen is hard and even impossible due to the limited space that most modern homes have. The design of a small kitchen cabinet implies that you create a practical space that involves solving puzzles for this area where most people in your home gather.

Moreover, you will want to create small kitchen cabinets that you, your guests, and your family will love. All the primary functions of a preparation, clean-up, and cooking area and how appliances are arranged must find their way into your small kitchen cabinet design layout.

Fortunately, tons of modern kitchen cabinet design ideas can help to maximize your efficiency and storage. By being creative about how to make the most out of your small kitchen floor plan and using any countertop you have, you can make even the smallest of kitchens a place you enjoy hanging out and cooking in.

What Kitchen Cabinet Style Makes the Most Out of a Smaller Space?

A lot goes into kitchen cabinet design. Lighting, faucets, and décor are all parts of a puzzle of a modern kitchen cabinet- no detail is too small. While there are numerous aspects to consider when picking the right limited-space kitchen cabinet design, the types of materials, cabinets, and pricing are the most crucial.

Here are some of the popular small kitchen cabinet ideas you need to incorporate into your home:

Wall mounted kitchen cabinets

* Wall-Mounted Small Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Let’s begin with the basic type of modern kitchen cabinets- wall cabinets-which are both attractive and utilitarian. They are also known as top-hung kitchen cabinets and their main goal is to increase their kitchen storage. The good thing with these small space kitchen cabinets is that homeowners can use them to hide power switches, electrical wiring, and gas or water piping. They can also be used to store kitchen appliances such as the exhaust fan or hood.

* Handle-less Kitchen Cabinets

Handle less kitchen cabinets have become popular in the last decade. As a result of their increasing demand for minimalist appearances, contemporary styles and the need to make small spaces appear larger. They are adaptable, ageless, and versatile. These qualities make handle less cabinets a lovely addition to your home. They are particularly effective on base units, where the unbroken part offers the impression of a continuous wooden piece.

* Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Design

Wood is the most regularly used material in small space kitchen cabinets. The same is what we propose here at Tiger Cabinetry and for good reasons. They are readily available, easy to put together, and blend perfectly with any kind of kitchen design. For example, this kitchen cabinet possesses a warm texture and can match or mix with various colors. Not only do the kitchen cabinets can be installed within a short time frame (usually within one or two weeks), but they also incorporate a chic style to your kitchen and make it durable yet classy.

What color cabinets look good in a small kitchen?

Small rooms require clever design ideas, and small kitchen cabinets are no exception. One of the busiest regions in your home, the kitchen is the focal point of your home, no matter its size. Whether it is a place to gather for family or friends, or the place to prepare your delicacies, your small kitchen cabinet ideas need to be well thought out and intentional.

Choosing the right cabinet color for a modern small kitchen will make your space feel larger than it is or can make it feel cramped and small. Luckily there are tons of small kitchen cabinet color options that will add style and make your space feel spacious and airy.

Here are some small kitchen cabinet color ideas you need to use to create the perception of more space:


A small kitchen space is made to feel bright and light with white cabinets. The white color reflects any light in the home, instantly making it feel bigger. The neutral base also assists to be included in the way of kitchen textiles, art, and accessories. Keep your cooking space streamlined with front white kitchen cabinets to make it suit any style. White is a common color choice for small kitchen cabinets and for good reasons.

Greige color kitchen cabinets offer your small kitchen a depth illusion, with some tonal cabinets that help to reflect light, but still, add some warmth to your space. It pairs so well with cool and warm tones for small kitchens and easily includes any décor style in the kitchen whether it be modern, boho or coastal. Other color schemes for small space kitchen cabinets include light gray, light wood and dusty yellow.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets Design for Small Kitchen Space

While there are numerous factors to consider when selecting the right proper small space kitchen cabinet redesign, the pricing and materials are the most crucial. Identifying the right kitchen cabinet design for your space is the most important factor in making sure that you have a practical kitchen area that’s comfortable and safe for the whole family.

Here are some cabinet designs that we recommend for small space kitchens including but not restricted to:

  1. Louvered
  2. Base-mounted kitchen cabinets
  3. Specialty kitchen cabinets

How Can Tiger Cabinetry Help You?

We hope that you are impressed with our small kitchen cabinet ideas discussed above. If you want to obtain these great kitchen cabinet designs for your home, contact Tiger Cabinetry. We offer quality small-space kitchen cabinets and prioritize safety while doing so. Schedule a free consultation today.


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