Small Kitchen, Big Style: Creative Design Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets

Are you wanting to convert your small and compact kitchen into a happier, larger space but you are unsure where to begin? If so, we have some creative small kitchen cabinet design ideas for you. Living with a small kitchen can be at times frustrating, whether you are a diehard gourmand or the kind of person who utilizes the oven as a wardrobe overflow.

It is said that the best things in life come in small packages- and the same applies to your kitchen. But a lot of homeowners think that designing a small kitchen cabinet is tough and nearly impossible because of the limited space that most homes have. Just because your kitchen space is limited, doesn’t imply that it has to feel small.

To help you make the most out of your limited kitchen space, we have compiled the best small kitchen cabinet design ideas –whether your design type is country, traditional, or modern. Here are creative kitchen cabinet designs ideas for small spaces you need to try.

Kitchen Cabinet Creative Design Ideas for Small Spaces

1. Opt for Open Shelving

If you are planning for a kitchen remodel and searching for areas where you can save money without sacrificing function and style, open shelving is a great option. Open shelving in a small kitchen serves two purposes- it assists you to display your favorite cookbooks or frequently used items and offers easily accessible storage. It is also an excellent way to be creative and introduce a pop of new material or color.

Apart from the practical and aesthetic advantages of open shelves, they come with another crucial benefit- they are a budget-friendly option to upper cabinets. Besides, it is a brilliant design trick for making your small kitchen feel more spacious because it eliminates the heaviness of upper cabinets.

2. Light-Colored Cabinets

Nothing transforms a tiny kitchen space quite like the color of its cabinets. It impacts a variety of things- including the resale value of your home, mood, and how often you will be required to clean- so you need to take time to select what is perhaps the most crucial color in your home.

When figuring out what color to paint your small kitchen space, remember the best color schemes generate interest throughout the area without making it appear claustrophobic. Warming earth tones, cool whites, beachy pastels, and even basic colors can be utilized to personalize your small kitchen space.

3. Glass-Front Cabinets

If you have a tiny, enclosed kitchen, adding glass front cabinet doors can make it appear more spacious and look larger. A few of the top advantages of glass-front cabinets include: they help make smaller spaces look larger. Not only can they break the monotony of cabinet faces, but glass doors also add both function and form appeal. What’s more, it creates an impression of an airy and open kitchen space.

Glass-front cabinets, normally used in upper areas of your kitchen, can help make for a practical and pretty focal point. These cabinets can be illuminated for ambiance, store functional kitchen items and ease transitions from one room to another.

Kitchen Cabinet Creative Design Ideas

4. Mirrored Cabinet Doors

Mirrored cabinet doors are ideal for people who have a tiny kitchen or would like to make their cooking space appear larger and more open. Putting mirrored cabinet doors at an eye-level position works well for maximum light reflection around the room. The mirrors offer the illusion of more room and incorporate much-needed glamor and brightness.

Incorporating great mirrored cabinet doors into your small kitchen injects a sense of glamour and brings other advantages. The reflective surface helps to bounce light back across the house, adding a sense of depth and improving brightness. It also offers an effective way of making your kitchen look bigger.

5. Vertical Storage Solutions

Your kitchen needs to accommodate everything from storing dry ingredients to fresh herbs, food cooking oils, and cooking utensils such as pans and pots.

If you have a U-shape or an L-shape kitchen, you will have corners, which can make storage rather challenging, particularly when it comes to a small kitchen. With storage space so crucial, there is no sufficient space to lose in a corner cabinet, as there are various clever solutions for both wall and base units. There is a wide range of great storage options available that can make it easy and quick to find what you require

6. Under-Cabinet Lighting

As the name suggests, under-cabinet lighting denotes the lights installed under a kitchen cabinet, leading to the illumination of the region instantly below a section or row of cabinets. Not only will these lights improve the overall ambiance and brightness of your kitchen, but it can also boost the resale value of your home.

One important benefit here is that under-cabinet lighting is normally hidden due to the fact that it is placed on the underside of your cabinets.

7. Unique Hardware and Handles

As a homeowner, you must not neglect fine details while designing or renovating your kitchen. Kitchen cabinet handles, knobs, pulls, and cabinet hardware are some of the things to be regarded seriously while renovating your kitchen.

Kitchen cabinet pulls and handles are equally crucial things as other major details. These things add beauty and charm to your kitchen. You need to choose cabinet handles that blend perfectly with your home’s interior. In addition, you should choose handles that complement the design style and color of the surrounding area.

Built-In Storage Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Don’t let the limited space of your small kitchen hold you back from achieving big style. By implementing creative design ideas for your kitchen cabinets, you can create a visually stunning and highly functional space. Are you feeling cramped in your small kitchen or apartment? If so, some built-in storage ideas will free up your space and assist you to reduce on clutter including:

  • Maximize attic space
  • Utilize bunk beds
  • Use the space beneath your staircase
  • Pullout steps
  • And more.

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