Choosing the Right Bathroom Cabinet: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking to bring a fresh look and increased storage space to your bathroom with the perfect cabinet? As an integral component of any successful bathroom remodeling job, making sure that you get it right is essential for enjoying both style and practicality in equal measure.

Bathroom cabinets play an essential role in enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom. Due to the variety of options available, finding the perfect bathroom cabinet may seem overwhelming. Knowing what type of materials, sizes, and shapes are available can seem overwhelming at first but have no fear – we’re gonna walk you through every step of the way so that by the end of this post, you’ll feel confidence in having chosen just the right option for your new vanity. And make sure that not only is your new bathroom storage both practical and beautiful but also perfectly tailored to suit your individual needs. So, let’s begin!

Different Types of Bathroom Cabinets:

When selecting a bathroom cabinet, the first step is to understand the different types of bathroom cabinets available to find one that best suits your needs.

1. Freestanding Cabinets

As the name suggests, freestanding cabinets do not require any installation and can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. These cabinets are perfect for spacious bathrooms, offering ample storage space and flexibility in terms of placement.

2. Wall-Mounted Cabinets

If you have a smaller bathroom or wish to save floor space, wall-mounted cabinets are an ideal choice. These cabinets are mounted on the wall, freeing up floor space and providing a minimalist aesthetic. However, keep in mind that wall-mounted cabinets may require professional installation.

3. Corner Cabinets

If you have limited space, corner cabinets are an excellent option. These cabinets are specifically designed to fit into the corners of the bathroom, maximizing storage space without compromising on aesthetics.

bathroom cabinet with mirror

Things to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Cabinets:

I. Size of the Bathroom

Assess the size of your bathroom before exploring cabinet options. A spacious bathroom can accommodate larger, freestanding cabinets, while smaller bathrooms may require wall-mounted or corner cabinets to save space.

II. Desired Style

Your bathroom cabinet should complement the overall bathroom design. Consider the style, colors, and materials that will best suit your bathroom’s aesthetic when choosing a cabinet.

III. Material

Bathroom cabinets are available in various materials such as wood, metal, or plastic. Wood cabinets are usually the most popular choice due to their durability and traditional appeal. However, consider the impact of moisture on the material in a bathroom environment, and opt for materials that can withstand the moisture without warping or deteriorating.

IV. Placement

The placement of your bathroom cabinet significantly affects its functionality and aesthetic appeal. Consider factors such as visibility, accessibility, and lighting while choosing the cabinet’s location.

V. Budget

Set a budget before you start shopping for bathroom cabinets. Be mindful of the price range, considering both the initial purchase and any installation or maintenance costs.

Regular Maintenance and Care of Bathroom Cabinets:

By taking good care of your bathroom cabinets, you can prolong their life and keep them looking fresh and clean. Here are some maintenance tips to consider:

a. Clean the cabinets regularly: Wipe down your cabinets regularly with a soft, damp cloth to prevent dust, dirt, and moisture from accumulating on the surfaces.

b. Protect the cabinets from excessive moisture: Although most bathroom cabinets are designed to withstand moisture, it is best to maintain proper ventilation and humidity levels in your bathroom.

c. Avoid harsh chemicals: When cleaning your cabinets, stick to mild cleaning agents to prevent damage to their finish.

d. Inspect the cabinet’s hardware: Regularly check the hinges, handles, and other hardware on your cabinets to ensure they are in good condition and functioning properly.

e. Address any damage right away: If you notice any damage or signs of wear, address them immediately to prevent further deterioration.


Choosing the right bathroom cabinet is an important decision that should be made carefully. There is a lot of information to process when selecting the perfect one. Make sure to measure your bathroom’s space, consider storage needs, organization solutions and personal budget. Additionally, pay attention to quality features such as adjustable shelving, soft close doors/drawers, paint/finish durability, and stability. All of which will help you get the best value for your money.

With all this information in mind, it can be helpful to speak with an expert at Tiger Cabinetry. Our knowledgeable professionals are here to help guide you through the available options for custom bathroom cabinets. When you work with Tiger Cabinetry, you’re guaranteed quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer care that fits your lifestyle and needs. So don’t hesitate any longer and reach out today at 615-730-0033 – let us help you select the perfect bathroom cabinet!


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